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Need a break from chores and cleaning? These robots can do your housework for you

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Our colleague Marc Saltzman from USA TODAY is here to share some insight into how smart robots can help do your housework and make your life easier.

Now that society is cautiously opening up ahead of the fall season, the last thing you want to do is more work around the house. Seriously, would you rather scrub your kitchen floors or sip a cocktail with friends on a rooftop patio, to toast the end of the weirdest summer on record? Not to mention, you might be busy getting the kids ready for another school year – at home, in class, or a bit of both.

Fortunately, technology can help, so you can focus on what matters. From window- and floor-washing robots to autonomous lawn-cutting machines, this may be the year you invest in a domestic device.

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OK, so we’re not talking Rosie the Robot – the mechanical housekeeper who petered around “The Jetsons’” family home in the classic ‘60s cartoon – but you might be surprised what’s out there.

Budget permitting, here’s a look at what’s available at your beck and call.

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Floor vacs
Robotic vacuum cleaners make up the biggest selection of home robots. These circular suckers navigate around your home – ideal for carpet, tile, and wood floors – and suck up dirt, dust, crumbs, and pet hair (and allergens, too).

iRobot’s Roomba family is probably the best known, starting at about $249 for the entry-level Roomba 600 Series, which uses dual multi-surface brushes (they don’t get tangled with pet hair) and strong suction to remove what’s in its path. Sensors intelligently navigate the ’bot under sofas and around objects, like chair and table legs. The Roomba 675 model, for instance, runs for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging.