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Shin Sung Rok And Lee Se Young Struggle To Solve 2 Connected Mysteries In “Kairos” Teaser

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MBC has delivered another mystery for the forthcoming show “Kairos” on nonton drakor baru

“Kairos” is a “period crossing dream spine chiller” about the interconnected destinies of Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), a man who falls into despair after his girl is seized, and Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a lady who is looking for her missing mother. From Kim Seo Jin’s viewpoint, Han Ae Ri is living precisely one month before—yet after the two inexplicably impart from their various occasions, they set out on an exciting journey to spare their missing friends and family.

The mystery starts as Kim Seo Jin acknowledges a call in the heavy storm. The baffling voice on the telephone, dared to be his little girl’s criminal, asks him inauspiciously, “Kim Seo Jin, do you miss your girl?” The scene slices to Kim Seo Jin getting the neckline of a suspect in a cross examination room as he requests to know where his girl is.

Next, over a scene of Han Ae Ri grinning at a kid, her voice says, “I saw her. The kid named Da Bin.” Han Ae Ri’s and Kim Seo Jin’s voices at that point go to and fro as they affirm with one another that they are living in various months.

The strain in the mystery heightens as different clasps of Han Ae Ri and Kim Seo Jin running urgently are blended between a subtitle that peruses, “Two cases are associated between multiple times.” Kim Seo Jin is then encircled by police who declare that he will now be taken to jail as a homicide suspect. In the midst of a scene of her mom in the medical clinic, Han Ae Ri howls on the telephone, “I’m from what’s to come.” A subtitle that peruses, “The brief that will make a huge difference,” streaks by as Han Ae Ri cries, “If it’s not too much trouble spare my mom!” The mystery reaches a chilling conclusion as an injury on Kim Seo Jin’s face vanishes in a moment.